Theology Course


Doctrines of the Bible, J.L. Hall & David K. Bernard

Word Aflame Press

This theology book contains a thorough yet easy to understand discussion of eight doctrinal topics: the Bible, the Godhead, angels, humanity, the person and work of Jesus Christ, salvation, the church, and the last things.

This is an engaging course for any student wanting a deeper theological foundation upon which to build.

You Can Understand the Bible,Daniel Segraves

Self-published /1998

This is an introductory hermeneutics course, you will learn correct biblical sciences and proper methods of interpretation, while learning how the Bible came to be, what it says about itself and how the Bible was translated.

Upon completion of this course you will never read your Bible the same again! Your Bible reading will come to life with clear understanding of what the scripture is saying!

Competent to Counsel,Jay E. Adams

Zondervan / 1986

A Classic in the Field of Christian Counseling Competent to Counsel has helped thousands of pastors, students, laypersons, and Christian counselors develop both a general approach to Christian counseling and a specific response to particular problems. Using biblically directed discussion, nouthetic counseling works by means of the Holy Spirit to bring about change in the personality and behavior of the counselee.

As Dr. Jay Adams points out in his introduction, “I have been engrossed in the project of developing biblical counseling and have uncovered what I consider to be a number of important scriptural principles. . . . There have been dramatic results. . . . Not only have people’s immediate problems been resolved, but there have also been solutions to all sorts of long-term problems as well.” Since its first publication in 1970, this book has gone through over thirty printings.

It establishes the basis for and an introduction to a counseling approach that is being used in pastors’ studies, in counseling centers, and across dining room tables throughout the country and around the world

Spiritual Gifts, David K. Bernard

Word Aflame Press /1997

The apostle Paul was emphatic that the New Testament church be familiar with and actively exercise the gifts of the Spirit. This book will educate and motivate believers to do just that.

Combining scriptural analysis with contemporary examples, David K. Bernard describes the supernatural spiritual gifts of revelation, power, and utterance that God has granted His church. He draws from numerous personal experiences in church planting and overseas missions on five continents, as well as years of biblical study, to paint a vivid portrait of the spiritual gifts of I Corinthians 12. Bernard explains, “Every Spirit-filled person can potentially exercise any of the spiritual gifts as God wills and enables, and God intends for them to operate within every local body of believers.” He challenges, “Let us allow God’s Spirit to flow through us, and let us exercise simple faith to receive God’s miraculous gifts.”

You will be both enlightened and inspired as you read biblical and modern accounts of the gifts of the Spirit.